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Special Schools

Our specially trained team of musicians deliver tailored workshops to Oxfordshire’s special schools.

We have forged close relationships with several of Oxfordshire’s special schools, holding workshops that cater to children with a mix of educational and emotional needs. 

Tailored workshops from specially trained musicians

About our special schools workshops

We work closely with the teams of staff at the Mulberry Bush and Northern House schools in Oxfordshire to deliver highly impactful workshops to children with a range of educational and emotional needs. Our own team of musicians have been specially trained to tailor workshops to fit the needs of each group, with activities that have been shown to improve social and communication skills, powers of concentration and self-esteem.

How to get involved

Are you a member of staff at an Oxfordshire special school and want to ask about one of our workshops?

Get in touch with us to find out how we can work together by clicking the button below.

Want to work together?

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