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Carnegie Hall 2022

“…these are some of the finest musicians I have ever heard. And when solo moments popped up, the individual players played like gods and goddesses.”

“The music, so melancholy and passionate, had orchestra and soloist enmeshed in soul-enriching playing of the finest quality… Could we just remain in this moment…forever?”

“The Oxford Philharmonic is a superb ensemble, achieving a rich and deeply satisfying blend”

Oberon’s Grove – June 2022

“soloist and orchestra were simply mesmeric”

Concertonet – June 2022

“a fine professional ensemble”

New York Classical Review – June 2022

“World-class quality is what beamed from the stage at the orchestra’s New York debut.”

“A brilliant performance like this one owes as much to the conductor’s great skill and feel for the music as to the violinist’s.”

Blogcritics – June 2022

Oxford and the UK

“My, oh, my, look who’s here: only a line­up to match any top­notch international chamber ensemble and probably beat them on their own turf.”

“…among the best on the scene, whether established soloists or long­standing members of great string quartets, and with Vengerov as first violin they produced an Octet to remember, almost symphonic in scale.”

Jessica Duchen, critic of the Independent – July 2018

“The ongoing survival of a professional orchestra of a major conurbation is remarkable in itself, but the Oxford Philharmonic’s players include some serious A-listers.”

  The Spectator – May 2022

“Our gratitude has to go the Oxford Philharmonic Orchestra for bringing world-class performers and gorgeous music into such exquisite settings – this was Oxford at its musical best. We are lucky to be living here.”

    Ox in a Box – May 2022