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Beethoven’s Ninth

12 Jun 2022 | 19:00 | Sheldonian Theatre, Broad Street

Beethoven Fantasia in C minor, Op. 80, ‘Choral Fantasy’
Beethoven Symphony No. 9 in D minor, Op. 125, ‘Choral’

Claire Rutter soprano
Angela Simkin mezzo-soprano
Benjamin Hulett tenor
David Shipley bass
Philharmonischer Chor der Stadt Bonn
Paul Krämer chorus master
Marios Papadopoulos piano/conductor

Concert introduced by John Suchet

Beethoven’s ninth still sounds palpably off-the-leash despite the two centuries of musical evolution that have passed since its first performance in 1824. This most iconic of symphonies is still riddled with contradictions – part model of classical form, part complete rule-breaker; a dark, deranged romp and an inspiring journey to triumph. Marios Papadopoulos conducts it here, the Oxford Philharmonic Orchestra joined by singers from Beethoven’s home town of Bonn, after the very work that smoothened its way: the unique hybrid of symphony, concerto and choral work that is the ‘Choral Fantasy’. 

Supported by Geoffrey & Caroline de Jager

Beethoven’s Ninth

12 Jun 2022

Tickets: £20, £32, £42, £60
(Students from £5)
Duration: 105 min
Venue: Sheldonian Theatre, Broad Street