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Participants’ Recital

The Festival’s participants take to the stage with fresh guidance from the world’s most esteemed pianists echoing in their ears. Be sure not to miss this showcase of outstanding talent from rising stars of the piano world.

Tchaikovsky Piano Trio

Marios Papadopoulos joins members of the Oxford Philharmonic for a work that is symphonic in scale and theatrical in drama.

Mozart Requiem

Marios Papadopoulos conducts the Requiem that needs no contextual intrigue to heighten its drama and poignancy.

Sibelius Violin Concerto

Associate Concertmaster Anna-Liisa Bezrodny plays Sibelius’s virtuosic violin concerto.

FUNomusica Family Concert: Music on the Menu

Master chef Alasdair Malloy leads the Oxford Philharmonic on a whisk round the kitchen and gets creative with the ingredients of the orchestra.

Berlioz and Brahms

Delve into the extraordinary musical imagination of Hector Berlioz and the irresistible, beauteous work that is Brahms's Second.

Beethoven’s Ninth

Beethoven’s ninth still sounds palpably off-the-leash despite the two centuries of musical evolution that have passed since its first performance in 1824. This most iconic of symphonies is still riddled with contradictions – part model of classical form, part complete rule-breaker; a dark, deranged romp and an inspiring journey to…

Rachmaninov Two

Wonderfully gifted pianist Lise de la Salle joins us for this feast of peak Rachmaninov, including the piano concerto that is the most popular work of its kind ever written.

Janine Jansen

Mendelssohn’s airborne Violin Concerto is played by one of its most distinguished exponents: Janine Jansen, followed by Schubert’s ‘Great’ symphony.

Bach Flute Sonatas

Our own Oxford Philharmonic musicians join star harpsichordist Mahan Esfahani for some of Bach’s best kept secrets.