Oxford Beethoven Festival: Symposium AM Session

Friday, 7 February 2020 - 09:00


Jacqueline du Pre Music Building

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Professor David B. Levy – Wake Forest University
Whither the European Hymn?: Re-imagining Beethoven's Ninth Symphony in the 21st century
No other work occupied Beethoven as long as Fidelio did: over a ten-year span he created three drastically different versions, in response to critical opposition, pressure from friends and colleagues, and changing political constellations.

Claire Holden – University of Oxford
Beethoven: The Long and Short of it
Over the past 40 years, historically informed performances of the music of Beethoven have significantly influenced the Classical Music mainstream. The effect has unquestionably been rejuvenating, but are these stylistic characteristics historically appropriate? This talk discusses aspects of rhythm and articulation in modern ‘period’ performances in relation to what we know about the practices of the early nineteenth century.

Professor Barry Cooper – University of Manchester
Performing Beethoven’s Piano Music in the 21st Century
There is no obligation for Beethoven’s piano music to be played exactly as he intended it. Nevertheless, there is something distinctive about a performance that aims to present the music in this way, and many pianists may wish to do this. We cannot always know Beethoven’s precise intentions, but we can be confident about certain aspects. These include the instruments he wanted used, the actual notes to be played, the dynamics, slurs, ornament signs, and use of the pedal. Modern pianists readily observe many of the demands of Beethoven’s notation (and implied intention); but with some aspects, modern convention has frequently overridden textual precision.

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